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Bouncy Belongings?!

Kids keep losing their belongings. At least, that's what the parents think. Kids say their belongings keep bouncing away.

Where they bouncing off to?!


Hungry Little Monster

Little Monster woke up under a very big tree, in front of a very big pond, in a very dark forest. He felt hungry. Very hungry. So hungry that he didn’t notice what he forgot. But...

What'd he forget?

A reader's companion

Observations & interpretations

Shall we travel this tale in a different light? Meet again Hungry Little Monster and all other characters. And find out...

Who's who?

Short stories

Collected from a travel across space & time

For the 35th birthday of Kapitan Dreams, Marv Mercury took a trip across the mutiverses and brought back 35 real stories to mark the occasion. 11 of them outlived the original handwritten manuscript.

Are they for real?

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