Hungry Little Monster: A Reader's Companion

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To walk the same path in a whole new light...

This reader’s companion is your invitation to traverse one more time with Hungry Little Monster. In a different light, every character and chance encounter may reveal more depth than they did the first time.

Get ready to embark on an exploration of artistic choices and narrative layers. Peek into the illustration process going from sketches to pages. Zoom in on the details you may have missed to uncover surprising subtext and symbolism.

This companion book offers questions, observations, and interpretations of the story from Dr Christopher DiCarlo and Ms Lannie Le — two confidantes of the storyteller J Boba.

Shall we?

You may have noticed

some unusual details...

Told in an adorable style of illustration, the Hungry Little Monster storybook is suitable for curious readers of all ages.

Some readers may rightly believe the story is about *********. Yes, it could be. And what if we told you there was much more to it?

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