J ‘Story’ Boba

J Boba is the storyteller behind ‘Hungry Little Monster’ ― the first-ever published by PDverse, a Pixel Dreams company.   

J Boba noticed his two hungry little monsters, Love and Wisdom, chomping on storybooks with great appetites. With fatherly enthusiasm, Boba began telling them more fantastic tales. Suddenly, something strange happened. And then it happened again and again. Narratives form in Boba’s imagination in a flash, with spontaneous visits from different and amazing characters of distant worlds. 

‘These are not my stories, and it’s my duty to bring them to life.’ 

Boba believes stories are compelling teachers for humans (and monsters) of all ages. So, he and a wonderful team at PDverse are creating stories for raising children, grownups, and I+C. 

What is I+C? J Boba and his team believe every problem is solvable by raising I+C: Intelligence and Consciousness.

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    3 items