Pricing & Giving

The reason is quite good, actually. But, before getting into that, let's define the difference.

"Regular" is standard pricing.

"Friends + Family" is standard pricing plus a little extra, for anyone who wishes to show more love and support.

The philosophy here is this, friends and family get to give more. It's because giving is a privilege, and loving is a reward in itself. Those who choose to give more are among friends and family.

No matter what pricing you choose, our team is grateful for your decision to buy from us, and help us live our purpose.

Thank you for your curiosity to read this far.

Shipping & Handling

Great question! Check out the most current shipping coverage areas.

It typically takes only one business day to fulfill your order and put it in the mail.

Keep in mind: this handling time is not applicable to pre-order items, because they are still in production. If you have placed a pre-order for anything, we thank you for your early support. Rest assure your pre-order(s) will be processed and shipped as soon as the item(s) get off the press.

P.S. We won't be so cruel to repeat the cliché about good things coming to those who wait.

Returns & Exchanges

Another great question! Find your answer here in our refund policy.