Hungry Little Monster

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Little Monster woke up under a very big tree, in front of a very big pond, in a very dark forest. He felt hungry. Very hungry. So hungry that he didn’t notice what he forgot. What did he forget? 


Who was he? What was he supposed to be doing? 

Hungry Little Monster is on a journey to discover who he is and what important things he has to do. Come with him on his search for both food and answers. Find out what happens when Little Monster meets mysterious Old Monster, confident Beagle‑Doodle, responsible Mr. Fluffy, and more!


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What did he forget?


Who was he? What was he supposed to be doing? Join Little Monster to find out.

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Questions, comments, and exclamations.

J Boba, where did you get ideas for this story?

Mattia, age 6

Fuzzy Vrooms are my favourite. They are so cute.

Sophie, age 6

This story got me thinking about all the important things I want to do.

Philo, age 9.5

What an adventure for Little Monster and friends. Can I join?

Kye, age 8

We just had to find out how the story would unfold.

El Moma, age 37

The characters are full of ageless wisdom.

Anonymous, age Eternally Curious

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