5+6 Real Stories

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Behold! You’re about to have in your hands, paws, pincers, tentacles, robotic wings (or whatever you’re holding this book with) real stories captured from other dimensions. These stories were not written in any traditional sense. There was no one sitting at a desk mulling over what to write. Rather, these stories are sacred Z_____________x events beyond your dimension of reality, captured and bottled for your consumption.

From Capitan Dreams:
“My crew and I have gone through great distances to bring these stories to you in — what you’d call — a ‘book.’ So be free to appreciate it, love it, treasure it. But do so with one foot firmly anchored to your current reality, dimension, and realm. Be warned, for many have been consumed: first in thought, and finally in physical form, into alternative universes, leaving nothing but a few energy traces behind.” Your journey starts with five stories on Thirty-Five. These stories were captured by the story-adventurer Marv Mercury as a gift to Capitan Dreams on his entrance into his thirty-fifth Spring.

I recommend you take three, twenty-seven deep breaths before proceeding further. Failure to do so may leave you susceptible to... [TRANSMISSION ERROR]."

J Boba, 1980