Rules of Psychedelic Acquisition

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This piece is dedicated to a good friend and eternal sister, Samaneh Sadaghiani.

One day, Samaneh showed our group of friends a photo of her teenage room in the early 90s. On the wall was a poster of an alien surrounded with mushrooms, which she wished she hadn’t parted ways with. Samaneh’s comment inspired Khalid with an idea for a gift. 

It took many hours of research, and a lot more hours to piece together fragmented images of the original poster. Then the newly recreated image took on a life of its own. Layers upon layers of details were altered and added. 

Elements from some of Samaneh’s favourite things were infused into the work, including aesthetics of the Persian Empire and a shared love for Ferangis (and their Rules of Acquisition) from Star Trek.

In collaboration with illustrator Lily Le.

Limited edition of 10.

Hand signed and numbered.
Frame not included.

The 1st belongs to Samaneh - the inspiration behind this work.
The 2nd belongs to Khalid - the artist.

The remaining are available for acquisition by discerning collectors of the art, psilocybin, and Star Trek's artifacts.  

Archival Giclée print on Canson Infinity Aquarelle 310gsm
20" x 30”
About the Artist

Khalid ‘Dreams’ Mokhtarzada

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Khalid was smuggled on a camel out of the Soviet–Afghan war zone by his ever courageous young mother. After a few brief stops around the world, he arrived in Canada at the age of three. Khalid’s upbringing was loving and arduous, which forged and honed his philosophy, sensibility, and capability. From his earliest memories to the stories his family loves sharing about him, Khalid has always been inquisitive, artistic, and systematic. 

Born and raised into a Muslim family and culture, at some point young Khalid ventured out to learn about other faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Atheism. This spiritual exploration has led him full circle back to Islam. Inspired by Islamic art, Khalid’s most recent artistic work embodies the universal language of math, geometry, singularity, and infinity.    

Khalid continues his journey on Earth as an explorer, artist, designer, learner, teacher, mentor, leader, adviser, speaker, organizer, and many other hats he wears. Outside of work, Khalid loves being with his rambunctious wife Lan and creative children Philo + Sophie. 

Khalid, also known as Kal, Kalatic, and Kaptain to some, is the founder and CEO of Pixel Dreams.