1G Series: Lunar Prime 27

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From micro atomic to macro galactic.
In collaboration with Lannie Lê, Business & Life Partner

“If you draw down the Moon to the Earth, then the circle through the center of the heavenly Moon will have a circumference [almost] equal to the perimeter of a square enclosing the Earth.”

 - John Martineau, A Little Book Of Coincidences In The Solar System


Blue & white: An almost perfect square

Gold & white: A perfect circle

“Islam emerged in Arabia where travel along the desert trade routes was largely by night, and navigation depended upon the position of the moon and stars. The moon thus represents the guidance of God on the path through life. The new moon also represents the Muslim calendar, which has 12 months each of 29 or 30 days. So in Islam the lunar month and the calendar month coincide, and the new moon is eagerly awaited, especially at the end of the month of Ramadan when its sighting means that the celebrations of 'Id al-Fitr can begin.”

- Linda and Phil Holmes, Cottingham, N Humberside.


The radius of the Moon (1,737.4 km) to Earth (6,371 km) is 27.27%. 3/11 (both primaries) is also 27.27%. The moon orbits Earth every 27.3 days. This artist’s DOB happens to be 27-03.


Starting top, moving clockwise: Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent, New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous. The Moon orbits 13 times per calendar year.

Background Pattern: Lines based on the eighth phases of the moon orbiting Earth. The moons can be seen as eight light-sand squares.


Earth: The Blue Marble, NASA/Apollo 17 crew, Harrison Schmitt or Ron Evans, Wikipedia. 

Moon: Gregory H. Rivera, Wikipedia/creative commons

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Vinyl on gatorboard
18" x 18”
1G Series: Lunar Prime 27
About the Artist

Khalid ‘Dreams’ Mokhtarzada

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Khalid was smuggled on a camel out of the Soviet–Afghan war zone by his ever courageous young mother. After a few brief stops around the world, he arrived in Canada at the age of three. Khalid’s upbringing was loving and arduous, which forged and honed his philosophy, sensibility, and capability. From his earliest memories to the stories his family loves sharing about him, Khalid has always been inquisitive, artistic, and systematic. 

Born and raised into a Muslim family and culture, at some point young Khalid ventured out to learn about other faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Atheism. This spiritual exploration has led him full circle back to Islam. Inspired by Islamic art, Khalid’s most recent artistic work embodies the universal language of math, geometry, singularity, and infinity.    

Khalid continues his journey on Earth as an explorer, artist, designer, learner, teacher, mentor, leader, adviser, speaker, organizer, and many other hats he wears. Outside of work, Khalid loves being with his rambunctious wife Lan and creative children Philo + Sophie. 

Khalid, also known as Kal, Kalatic, and Kaptain to some, is the founder and CEO of Pixel Dreams.