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Ground Control to Major You. 
Take your proton pills and put your helmet on. 

Hitchhike on an Innergalactic Ride from the Future Past. 
Depart Here on an Innerspace Odyssey to Now. 

Float passed all fleeting Space Oddity. 
There you may find God’s love be with and within you. 

Because we are all made of stars. 
And what’s out there is the same stardust as what’s in here. 

Ground Control to Major You. 
Can you see yourself?
Can you really see yourself? 


In collaboration with my spiritual buddy and soul mate Khalid Mokhtarzada.

This piece is also made possible with valuable assistance from Peter ‘Rise’ Sugawara, Matt ‘Wonder’ Sadowski, Erica ‘Echo’ Seguin, and Jara Kral and the MYC Team. Thank you.


    Sculpture with various materials
    33” x 33”