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In constant communication with everything and everyone is the Cosmo ― in the many names of God. Some humans are able to tune in to this communication through various altered states of mind. From prayer to meditation. From extreme sports to efficacious chemicals. Sometimes a message is crystal clear. Other times it is fuzzy. If you have a phone to God, do you know what to dial? If you listen through the static, what do you hear?

Rotary phone hack by Boris Babkin
A one-of-a-kind human being known for his any-challenge-worth-accepting-will-be-accepted attitude and ability. An avid practitioner of self-discipline and energy flow.  

Music curation & sound design by Dr. Touchscreen
A non-medically licensed sound professional, contortionist and occupational therapist. Known to carry a particularly sensitive stethoscope and a thimble filled with a mysterious tonic. Rumoured to be one-third of the band known as 'Fried Dough'. 

Song Credits
MDMA: The Path by Oliver Michael 
WEED: Smoke Screen by Falconer 
KAT: Feel The Way by Skygaze 
LSD: The Misty Wanderer by Aquartos 
CBD: Cannabidiolvs24 by Dr. Touchscreen
DMT: Jigsaw by Skygaze 
SHROOMS: Breath Within by Onyx Music
*Tracks were treated, prodded and manipulated by Dr. Touchscreen himself 


    Interactive installation