Trevor "Ideas" Landon
Creative Director & Cofounder at Pixel Dreams.

The rock and the mountain, you will find Trevor, aka Ideas, down in the granular details of design and high up in the altitudes of conceptual development. He’s a guitar-wielding creative director, built upon an athletic foundation. No, seriously. He plays the guitar. And he’s the former captain of Canada’s youth soccer team. Taking to the pitch in different countries, Trevor gained life experiences he applies to each project. Strong in any industry, efficient in every environment, Trevor commands his process and craft with unparalleled mastery. So, it makes sense that he’s one of the pillars of stability at Pixel Dreams, leading a thriving creative team to individual and collective success. Gracious and supportive to the bone, Trevor is a practising leader with Zen-like composure, unshakeable as he fosters the growth of those pulled into his orbit.
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    3 items