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The ‘out’ of body experience, but ‘in.’ When you detach from your body, it becomes a vehicle. You’re in the driver’s seat, watching the universe unfold across your field of view. By putting ourselves into a third-person perspective, we can learn about our place in the universe. It is humbling to be still and to simply observe life without the need to assert our influence.


Created: March 2022

Limited edition of 25.

Hand signed and numbered. White border included.

    Archival Giclée print on Canson Infinity Aquarelle 310gsm
    20" x 28"
    Not Really Here
    About the Artist

    Lily Le

    Lily Le is a Hanoian multidisciplinary artist and designer, based in Toronto. Her work plays across a spectrum of mediums from traditional canvas to interactive digital media.

    Lily’s obsession for detail, careful observation and unrestricted imagination influence her style of work: distinctive, surreal, and detail-heavy. Her work lives on opposite ends of the spectrum, moving from black ink on white canvas to an explosion of colours.

    When not creating art, Lily is a visual communication designer. Over the years she has worked on a diverse range of projects in branding, digital and print design, collaborating with creative agencies and brands of all sizes across the globe.