Mr Fluffy's Magical Hat of Extraordinariness

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Responsible and practical Mr Fluffy has a wonderful homelife. From cuddles and play-fights to homemade sweet reggie pie, his wife Mrs Fluffy and their 7 adorable fluffies show him lots of love and affection. But when Mr Fluffy leaves home for work every morning, it’s another story completely. To get to his job at the pee-zee shop, poor little Mr Fluffy has to make it across a muddy cold pond and treacherous hills - while fending off annoying and dangerous characters. And when Mr Fluffy finally arrives at work, he has to deal with his always-scowling boss, Krowl, and make sheesey pee-zees for customers who never seem satisfied. One day, Mr Fluffy’s confident friend, Beagle-Doodle, tells him about the Magical Hat of Extraordinariness. Once Mr Fluffy charges it up and puts it on, life will never be ordinary again.
Mr Fluffy's Magical Hat of Extraordinariness