A New World

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In a world of darkness and confusion, I found myself hanging from a thread. This golden thread led me to prayer. During this very deep state, I saw a spark and another golden thread appeared. Each thread is carefully woven with intention, peace, and gratefulness. The absolute certainty that the connection is undeniable, and that God is there listening. The language of prayer is much more than just words. The true language of prayer exists when both your heart and mind are in complete unison and connection. When your chest is bursting with gratitude, and when you know that every atom in your body is intrinsically linked with whatever is going on out there. This piece talks about the materialization of intention and how the pieces of the puzzle appear to make a clear image. This piece talks about hope and how just a golden thread, a golden idea, a golden "thank you", is payment enough towards that beautiful, perplexing ticket of life.
Acrylic paint over a stretched canvas
4 ft x 8 ft
A New World
About the Artist

Arantxa Arreaza

From an early age, Arantxa has been studying and diving into the world of art. As a Sheridan College of Arts alumni, Arantxa continues to learn and explore more techniques to perfect her style. She has been a professional painter for over 10 years. Arantxa draws inspiration from Abstract and Impressionism art styles and artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. Her work examines several areas of philosophy, psychology, and human nature. She expresses these concepts through textures and exhilarating colours that connect with the heart and mind.