5+6 Real Stories

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While browsing through content on your network-enabled device, something leads you to a product listing for a collection of 11 short stories gathered from various parts of the known and unknown universes.

Although uncertain about what is drawing you toward this volume of material, you proceed through the steps required to successfully place an order to have these works sent to the location of your choosing.

You receive the package containing the book of stories.

The order is fulfilled.

You notice that the book does not take up much space, but it looks nice on your bookshelf or laid haphazardly upon any tables or surfaces in your vicinity.

Over time, you eventually read the stories.

Some of them you read slowly, some of them you read faster.

Some of them you re-read (since they were short and you did not really see the point of the story the first time you read it).

You reflect on the stories.

Some of the stories you appreciate.

Some of the stories you do not appreciate at first, but they grow on you over time.

- Marv Mercury