Shamanic hat

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This is a shamanic hat made for the purposes of channeling energy whilst guiding someone through their spiritual journey. The hat is made from several animal skins including fox, wolf, rabbit and deer and has a set of whitetail antlers on the top. The feathers are natural Eagle imitations that I have collected by a local lake. All skins and animal parts are ethically sourced either by myself personally or through a local Mohawk hunter/trapper.

    Shamanic hat
    About the Artist

    Matt DiCarlo

    Matt is a small time Paleo, neo, and Mesolithic artist. His focus is tools, artifacts and artistic renderings of actual found artifacts. This includes scientific hypotheses of what our early ancestors might have created. Matt’s art is created in the most traditional way possible to ensure authenticity as well as functionality. Along with artifacts, Matt creates esoteric neo occultist folk witchcraft (Black Magick). He crafts altar tools and other objects that may be used in ritualistic or ceremonial practice.