Intergalactic Whales: High Jump

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This is a beautiful memory of when I was taken for a ride by a family of friendly intergalactic whales. It happened on a warm summer night a couple of years ago or so. I was shown the most wonderful and unimaginable places in the multiverse, and at the end of the journey I was safely returned to my bed.

    Mixed media on canvas
    20” x 20”
    Intergalactic Whales: High Jump
    About the Artist

    Serge Khrumalo

    Serge Khrumalo is an artist, illustrator, and designer who lives and works in Toronto. He is inspired by fast-paced city life as well as the calmness of nature. Experimenting with materials and techniques is an essential part of his creative process. Shaped by both real and dream worlds, Serge brings to life images that are born in his mind.