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This sculpture explores the duality of the human experience and its sacred relation to the Universe through its composition of material, form, and light. In one sense, the wood and mirror play off the notion of our body and intellect - the opaque and the reflective, the finite and the infinite. In another sense, the form expresses the duality of our senses and our imagination - presence vs void, waking vs dreaming, the witnessed vs the unseen. The pursuit of balance between these poles is symbolically found in the penetration of light, piercing the opacity of the body, and illuminating the hidden dimensions of our cosmic form. This path of illumination is represented by the generation of planetary orbits, once believed to represent the metals, which move from corrupt and dense (such as lead/Saturn) to the noble and glowing (such as gold/Sun).

Walnut & polished stainless steel
36” x 36” x 18”
About the Artist

Javid Jah

Winner of a National Award from the Canada Council of the Arts in 2021, Javid JAH is an interdisciplinary designer, graffiti artist, architect, and student of perennial wisdom. His practice combines approaches from calligraphy, traditional knowledge, and construction science. His work champions Quadrivium - the four traditional sacred sciences - arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy - through experimentation with new digital fabrication technologies.