Lannie "Star" Lê

An oasis to some and an oddball to most, Lan is a mix of mischievous, courteous, audacious, meticulous, spontaneous, and sometimes outrageous.

For who she is, Lan thanks her deep roots of ancestors, who endured over a thousand years of wars and ensured the peaceful continuation of life against all odds. She honours the audacity of her mother’s parents, who met in the middle of a war-torn juggle, fell in love, and risked it all to raise a big family while fighting for independence. Lan channels the grit of her father’s parents, who toiled until their last breaths to build a better future for their descendants. Her artistic journey also began long before she was born, with a lineage of artistic sensibility and resourceful craftsmanship going back some generations.

The nickname ‘Star’ represents three central themes in her life. 

  1. Stargazing teleports Lan to a state of awe. 
  2. She believes anyone can be a source of light and energy. 
  3. The yellow five-pointed star is a ubiquitous icon in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she was born and raised.

Lan, also known as Lannie, Lani, and Yolani, is a co-founder and executive creative director of Pixel Dreams. Outside of work, she loves being with her wondrous partner Khalid and her hilarious children Philo + Sophie.

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3 items