Snorting Stars

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The last time I did lines of Molly I truly felt like I was high on space dust. It was cosmic. Drugs can be a portal to travelling through your mind and feeling connected to the universe. The "line" of Molly is in the form of the constellation LYNX.  The shape was discovered by Hevelius who was renowned for eyesight and the thrill of hunting for, stalking and describing new wonders in Space or Nature.
Snorting Stars
About the Artist

Autumn Hughes

If “Friends” taught us anything, it’s how to pivot. If that couch doesn’t make it up the stairs the first time, let’s turn it sideways, inside out, and use our resources to look at solutions from alternate angles. That’s Autumn’s philosophy. Over the past 7 years, she has become well-versed in social media management and content creation but her background is eclectic: interior design and speech pathology. She believes that imagination can change the world.