How to Talk to Conspiracy Theorists

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There’s never been a time in history more proliferated with conspiracy theories. We are inundated with information from countless media sources, embroiled in a constant battle to separate fact from fiction. Our very information sources have been increasingly compromised and fuelled by human biases. And that’s created fertile ground for conspiracies to flourish.  

In this book, we take a look at our age of misinformation and the influences of today’s most popular conspiracy theories — from the history of conspiracy theories, to the demise of newspaper journalism and the rise of social media, to the ways in which humans are biased — and why the odd conspiracy theory turns out to be true. From the latest scientific research to media studies, this is a robust account of the social and psychological factors behind the making of a conspiracist, so that we can be better positioned to understand “the truth” and have more meaningful dialogue with conspiracy theorists.

How to Talk to Conspiracy Theorists

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Everyone knows someone who's into conspiracy theories

The bad news: The age of misinformation is exposing and exploiting cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and psychological predispositions.

The good news: It's possible to have meaningful and helpful conversations with the conspiracists in your life. You may even succeed in changing some minds. This is your field guide.

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