Critical Thinking For Kids

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Any online search today will lead you to a vast array of hundreds of books devoted to teaching critical thinking. Most of these books either deal with topics and issues of critical thinking aimed at adults, or for those geared to the younger ages, they tend to deal more so with creative thinking. Many parents share common concerns that education systems for young children are not equipped in teaching students how to think. And they’re right. That’s why we have developed a book which teaches parents and educators how to introduce young children to think more critically, carefully, and fairly.

By understanding some basic principles of critical thinking such as how to more effectively express oneself, understand biases and context, and spot basic errors in reasoning, we can instill in our children the gift of reason. This Critical Thinking skill set will serve them well not only in all topics covered from preschool to middle school, but in all walks of life - from the classroom, to the playground, to the backyard, and to the dinner table.

Learning how to think will empower young minds with the capacity to ask thoughtful questions, and to become better problem solvers, decision-makers, and perhaps most importantly, citizens. Understanding that fairness is at the very core of critical thinking, young children will adapt quickly and naturally to the benefits such learning will promote.

This book has been designed in a way that not only presents some of the central core ideas of Critical Thinking in a thoughtful and creative manner, it is done in a way that is both interesting and fun for young children. We believe the best form of learning is when a child doesn’t even realize they’re learning at all. It is only when they begin to apply the critical thinking skill set in their own ways, that we truly begin to see the fruits of our labour.

Critical Thinking For Kids